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In the consultation process, we analyze the current labour situation of our clients, and advise them on their best options in terms of international employment solutions. Based on this assessment, IMP is then able to begin navigating the programs suitable for each individual client's situation and goals.


Utilizing the relationships between partnering companies in the Mercan Group, IMP is able to begin strategically recruiting candidates targeted to the specific positions and needs of the client.


We understand that successfully filling a position means finding the right candidate for our clients. As such, we utilize a combination of strategies to screen applicants, including:

  • Behavioural-based interviewing
  • Knowledge and skills assessments
  • Utilizing multiple communication channels
  • Verifying past employment, and
  • Thorough reference checks


Again, we capitalize on the unique skills of all the Mercan companies to ensure that the immigration process is smooth for each of your interterminal workers. This also includes pre-departure and arrival orientation for you and your interterminal workers, settlement services, acculturation assistance, and transitional housing.


We pride ourselves on extending our services and expertise throughout the employment relationship to ensure long-term relationships and guarantee satisfaction for both parties.