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IMP Canada - What We Do

What We Do

There are special programs available to applicants wishing to establish, acquire, or partner with a business in Saskatchewan and be actively involved in its management. We can help individuals and their families with the nominee process and with developing settlement plans. Through our Partners at the Mercan Group, there are USA EB5 and Portugal Golden Visa Investor Project available.

IMP Canada - Why IMP?

Why IMP?

With our Canadian headquarters being situated in the heart of Saskatchewan, we intimately understand the opportunities and obstacles associated with the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). Allow us to use our expertise to advance your entrepreneurial dreams.

IMP Canada - How it Works

How it Works

The SINP program provides an alternate and expedited way for entrepreneurs to establish themselves in Saskatchewan. IMP offers services to entrepreneurial clients through this program from determining eligibility, to application support, and beyond. Contact us for a personalized assessment of how we can help you with the SINP program.