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Requiring Labor Solutions

  • Labor Market Impact Assessment Services
  • Advertising Posting Services
  • Overseas Recruitment
  • Navigation of Foreign Policy
  • In-Canada Recruitment through Relocation
  • Settlement Services

Foreign Workers

Seeking Canadian Employment

  • Work Permit Extension Processing
  • Study Permit Processing
  • Visitor Permit Processing
  • Temporary Resident Visa Processing
  • Consultation Services
  • Express Entry Profile


Acquiring Post-Secondary Education

  • Study Permit Processing
  • Permanent Residency
  • Family Documents
  • Work Permit Processing


Pursuing Business-Related Entry

  • Business Consultants
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Beyond the Business
IMP Canada - Canadian Recruitment

Canadian Recruitment

IMP Canada - International Recruitment

International Recruitment

IMP Canada - Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment

IMP Canada - Temporary Document Services

Temporary Document Services

IMP Canada - LMIA Services

LMIA Services

IMP Canada - Assessment and Consultation

Assessment and Consultation

IMP Canada - Permanent Document Services

Permanent Document Services

IMP Canada - Advertising Services

Advertising Services

IMP Canada - Custom Services

Custom Services

IMP Canada - Assessment Services

Assessment Services

IMP Canada - US Immigration

US Immigration

About IMP Canada

IMP Canada is a member of the Mercan Group of Companies which focuses on helping businesses address their staffing shortages using international solutions across all industries.

Our company specializes in navigating the complex legislative landscape of immigration and interterminal worker requirements, so that organizations can focus on internal operations rather than external factors affecting its staffing situation.

This specialized skill set is combined with IMP’s ability to leverage the skills and processes of other Mercan companies to ensure that staffing shortages are addressed effectively and promptly, with guaranteed results.

IMP Canada - What We Do

What We Do

For our business clients, IMP provides services at all stages of the employment relationship ranging from assessment to settlement. We do this by leveraging the skills of other companies in the Mercan Group to allow us to provide you with staffing solutions in the most effective manner.

IMP Canada - Why IMP?

Why IMP?

The constantly evolving domestic and international policy surrounding international labour can be difficult to navigate. Culture, recruitment and measuring can add to this challenge. Using a specialized and connected company allows your business to focus on its internal HR and guarantees results.

IMP Canada - How it Works

How it Works

Through over 30 years of experience we've simplified the process of obtaining international workers into a streamlined experience for our business clients. Let us guide you through our 5-step process below.

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IMP Canada - Testimonials


We have been using IMP for the last 5 years. In this time we have found them to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable in what they do. I strongly recommend them to anybody needing help in the workforce.

- Wendell

We have recommended IMP to several of our business partners over the years and have always been thanked for it.

- JC

I have been a client of IMP Canada for 9 years. They have helped me hire the staff I would not have had if not for the Foreign Worker Program and The Mercan Group. The service and the people are excellent, very personalized to my needs as a business. They don't just help you hire. They help you and your team through the whole process so all new recruits become Canadians.

The Kelsey Group of Companies have enjoyed a great business relationship with IMP for the 10 years they have been in business.

We have used their service to fill our needs in such jobs as : Heavy Truck Drivers, Welders, Mechanics, and Machinists. The quality of the candidates is what sets IMP apart from the competition, also there ability to navigate the ever more complicated bureaucracy which is a vital need for our group